The Terms and Conditions of the sale govern the relationship between us (The seller of the product- Xtensions) and the customer (Either for individual usage or on behalf of a client). The Terms and Conditions of the sale also imply the complete understating and enforcement of the License Agreement as mentioned on our website in addition to the below clauses. Use of our website expressively implies that the user has fully understood the below terms and conditions in their entirety.


The products that are listed on our website www.xtensions.incan either be a template, an extension or associated software in the OpenCart eCommerce System, and are sold as digital downloads that meet the specifications that have been mentioned. The digital products are sold in an "as-is" condition, and might require customization when being used in certain templates, usage environments and with associated third-party software. We test our products for ensuring their complete compatibility and intended working functionality with the OpenCart system installation.


The products might not be compatible with other eCommerce or CMS platforms unless specifically indicated. They would not also always work in association with any other template or extension and would need some customization in certain such cases. They are designed for usage in exclusive platform specifications and associating them with any third-party software or environment might interfere in their intended functioning. Any such deviation in functioning due to a third-party association is non-binding on us.


The website only accepts payments through Paypal and users are directed to the PayPal site to make a payment for their purchases. Xtensions would not be liable for any delays or loss of payments incurred while purchasing its listed products in the OpenCart website marketplace.

Limitation of Warranty

Xtensions does not offer any warranty as such on the digital downloads of its products. Also, the intended functioning of the product as mentioned in its specifications would not sometimes be observed in all web browsers and viewing devices, except for those that have been mentioned to be compatible at that stage. Deviation from intended working functionality would also be observed in certain cases where the product was used in conjunction with other third-party tools, applications, environments and interfaces. All such deviations would not be binding on us.

Personal Information

The process of purchase would also involve the customer submitting some personally identifiable information, which would be stored for reference and records. Such information would be used to give a better and directed support to that customer, as well in our internal sale processing. Xtensions vouches that no such information would be shared with a third party, and all such information are be deemed confidential as a part of our Privacy Policy.


All registered users of our website and customers of our products would automatically receive a regular email newsletter that would inform them on the latest product updates, releases as well as promotions and related information. Users and customers can opt out of such communication, and under no circumstances would any identifiable information be shared with a third-party.

Limitation of Liability

Xtensions absolves itself of any direct or indirect liability that can be implied on it for any damages to property or person while using its products. This includes all forms of damage claims, incidental damages and consequent liabilities, and Xtensions would not responsible for such event and their consequences.

Vouchers and Coupons

Xtensions can offer its customers a promotional coupon or a voucher that can be redeemed for its face value on purchases made on our website. Usage of such vouchers or coupons is at the sole discretion of the customer with them being non-transferable and cannot be exchanged for cash or any form of redemption except for what they have been intended for within a specific time frame.

Intellectual Property Rights

All images or illustration that have been used in better showcasing the functionality of the products on our website as well as in their downloads have a vested intellectual property right that belongs to us or the respective copyright owners. Customers cannot reuse such data, nor can sell or share it with a third entity.


We offer a free year of premium support and upgrades along with the purchase of the product. The support facility is offered by our dedicated team of technical support representatives in set time frames as mentioned in our support policy. Xtensions does not recommend using a third-party to alter or modify the code in cases which could have been first referred to us, and any deviation from intended performance in such cases is non-binding on us. Renewing the support and updates after the initial year is solely at the discretion of the customer.

Data Deletion

Please contact us on to request us for your Data Deletion. Send the email from the account you wish to delete the data.


Xtensions reserves its right to modify, alter and revise the existing Terms and Conditions without any notifications thereof. Usage of the site implies a complete understanding of the current Terms and Conditions.