The Licensing Policy governs the usage authorization for products purchased from our site or through our listed products in The below guidelines are generally applicable to all extensions, templates and associated software that are developed by us and purchased by our customers, with individual usage specifications varying as per the licensing options that has been purchased.

License Agreement between us (Xtensions) and the Purchaser

The below guidelines, restrictions of usage, voiding factors and consequences of misuse together constitute the License Agreement between the "Purchaser" and us ("Xtensions"). The License Agreement is effective in its below entirety, with only the Licensing options varying as per the purchase option selected.

Upon a successful purchase of our products, the customer gets a complete lifetime usage right on the product corresponding to the usage as determined by the type (Single Domain, Up to Five Domains, Unlimited Domains usage) opted for.

Each such product purchase includes one year of free premium support and updates, which can be renewed by choice upon completion of that term. Unless renewed, the customer would not be getting any support or future updates, but would be free to continue using the product as per the specific licensing option.


The working hours of our support team would be between 10 AM and 5 PM GMT (Greenwich Standard Time) and users are requested to keep in mind the support time frames while addressing us. The Support Team would not be available on weekends and on designated holidays.


All genuine and necessary support queries would be addressed within 48 Business hours. Users are not supposed to submit a new support request while the existing query is still being resolved by us, and any new updates may be appended as a communication within the existing support query. Lack of proper information and repeat submissions would delay the time for resolving the query.


Customers requesting a support on their purchases should submit a ticket through their account on our site, and any direct email communication and comment on our website would not generally be addressed. This is to streamline the support requests that we get from our customers. Customers are also requested to provide a clear and precise description of the issue that they are facing, along with the storefront URL and admin access details. A temporary FTP access to your hosting server should also be included for a faster resolution.

Support Issues

We offer premium support on the working functionality of all themes, modules, extensions, templates and associated software that have been purchased from us, with the customer having an active support license at that stage. Any relates support issue that is beyond the scope of the above can be charged for a resolution. Simple customization issues are resolved free of cost, and Xtensions reserves its right to charge customers for cases that require a prolonged time for customization.

Custom Needs

Customers can request for custom support in developing and modifying our products to suit their specific needs. All such cases would be charged on a case-by-case basis, along with a dedicated development team that would be assigned to the case. We offer complete interaction and status update in such custom requirements, along with a prior consensus on the expected time frame for completion of the task. The proprietary and intellectual rights for all such customization would be vested with us, and this also allows us to incorporate them in our future products unless agreed otherwise with the customer.

Other Platforms

In case the product is being used on a different eCommerce platform such as MijoShop or AceShop, we recommend purchasing an additional support package as the current premium support package would not include support for usage in that platforms.

External Interpretation

No external party such as an unrelated individual other then the customer, online forum or any other third-party would be allowed to interpret and suggest an opinion on our support interactions, development practices, findings, course of action etc. The decision of our support and development team would be binding on the customer.