Xtensions generally does not offer refunds on the product purchases that have been made through our site. The intention of purchase indicates a complete understanding of the product functionality, interfaces and integration and this excludes such criterion in determining the need for a refund. Any request for refund would be invalid in cases where any provisions of the License Agreement, Purchase formalities, Registration and term and conditions of usage were not adhered to. All request for refund on technical grounds must be validated by our support team, with a clear intention by the customer to resolve the issue before considering refund as a last possibility in exceptional cases as below.

The valid cases for a Refund would be limited to the below criterion's
  1. Misuse of the payment instrument in making the purchase-as in a stolen credit card or access details.
  2. If the product download is corrupted, or in case of malfunctions ,or if it does not work as per the intended specifications-the customer would be eligible for a full refund of the product cost, provided our Support Team validates that it cannot resolve the mentioned issues.
Invalid cases for Refund
  1. Integration and compatibility issues with existing platform or software-other then what it was designed.
  2. Usage in unauthorized domains which have not been informed in the registration details.
  3. Absence of a comparative functionality in our product-even when all features were described in the specifications.
  4. Any cases of refund when the purchase was made before the 30 day limit for considering refund request.
  5. Deviation in adhering to the Terms and Conditions, as well as the License Agreement.