• All settings can be enabled/disabled, you use what you need.
  • Import list of postcodes for your country(List provided for India)
  • Export pincodes from your system with settings
  • Export country and zone data from your system to create own csv files
  • Autocomplete city, state and country on fill of postcode
  • Use postcode to restrict add and edit of address across all pages, including checkout
  • Restrict payment methods using postcode criteria, like COD for your city, and Online Payment for rest of the country.
  • Restrict shipping methods using postcode criteria, like free shipping for your city, and Flat Rate for rest of the country.
  • Beautiful mass update panel in admin so that you do not have to import or make changes one by one in each postcode
  • Estimate shipping on Product page using pincode
  • Add your own Delivery information message using mass update, import postcodes or specific edits panels.
  • No core files changes, Beautifully written code, adds only a single line of code where a change is required though ocmod.
  • Compatible with all themes and versions above opencart
  • Free Installation and compatibility for all themes and checkouts.

How to Use Mass Update

Testing Instructions

  • username: demo, password: demo
  • Scenarios
  • Use postcode 110011(Delhi) to see Cash On Delivery payment Methods and free shipping methods
  • Use postcode 160019(Chandigarh) to see Online payment Methods and paid shipping methods
  • Use random postcode or one that does not exist in database(744301 - Nicobar) to check address add restriction, ( 305001 - Ajmer) to see no payment methods and shipping methods availability

Support Instructions

Installation instruction

  • Upload the module using ocmod.
  • Go to Admin >> User groups to enable access for localisation/xpostcode module to admin user groups.
  • In menu Go to Settings >> Localisation >> Xtensions - Best Postcode Manager and update the settings.
Best Postcode - Pincode Manager
Autocomplete city, state and country on fill of postcode and a lot more.
Price : $44.99
Total Sales: 140
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Compatible version 2.x.x.x,3.x.x.x
Required vQmod No